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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Level names confirmed.

Here we go, keeeedz. Now you know the names of the levels - no need to think that they'll be changed, 'course HR does not count, hell knows how will they actually name the last chapters.

Yes, you are right, game files.

Dead Center
1: The Hotel
2: The Streets
3: The Mall
4: Atrium
5: Unknown and most likely unexistent, though mentioned in the game files

Dark Carnival
1: The Highway
2: The Fairgrounds
3: The Coaster
4: The Barns
5: Concert Finale

Swamp Fever
1: The Plank Country
2: The Swamp
3: The Shanty Town
4: Plantation Finale

Hard Rain
1: The Mill Town
2: The Sugar Mill
3: The Mill Escape(bullfrickinstrange name for a third chapter)
4: Return to Town
5: Town Finale

The Parish
1: The Waterfront
2: The Park
3: The Cemetery
4: The Quarter
5: The Bridge Finale

by R3tro Guy, l4dwiki and me.

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